Joseph Pytcher - Owner and CEO

Started in the real estate industry at the fall of the market in 2008. His interest grew in real estate during high school when he took architectural design courses. That passion led to the creation of Pytcher Homes, a residential real estate developer and full service real estate firm in Dallas/Fort Worth. Not without obstacles, Mr. Pytcher is proving continuously that he is a leader within the industry. Mr. Pytcher’s background includes finance and real estate analysis. He studied Finance at The University of Texas at Dallas and graduated with honors. Mr. Pytcher enjoys many hobbies including swimming, cycling, ice hockey and fly fishing.

Brady Thomas - Acquisitions Manager

Brady Thomas joined the company in April of 2019 as its Acquisition Manager. He comes from a background in Coaching and has been an integral part of the company’s growth. Brady’s background and skills have transitioned into the real estate industry and we are very excited to see his continued success in the future.

“Life is a journey and we’re glad to be a part of yours. We thank you for allowing us to serve you and your family.”

-Joseph Pytcher