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Have you been looking for a real estate investing course that gets right down to the point?

Not sure where to begin or feel other courses don’t give you enough detail or value?

Tired of listening to boastful "Guru's" that don't provide all the information you feel you need to be successful?

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Too many times, I have seen self proclaimed “Guru’s” tell others how to flip homes, while running their business completely differently. “Investors” that don’t want to explain in detail how they run their business or give away too many secrets. They also tell you what they’re doing now, and not how they got to where they are. Our course will go into detail on how to buy homes, analyze, flip and sell homes for a profit; Joseph will explain everything he does on a daily basis. No fluff, nothing is left out. See below to see everything you’ll be learning in our all inclusive course.

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About The Instructor

Joseph Pytcher has almost 15 years experience in many facets of real estate. He started in the mortgage industry around the crash of 2008. Around the same time he was studying for his Finance degree at the University of Texas at Dallas. In 2012, he left the mortgage industry and became a real estate analyst for a large commercial appraisal and valuations company that valued large assets, which include multi-family and senior housing. Since 2014, Joseph went on to start his on real estate development company and has since flipped several hundred homes and is also a custom, luxury home builder in Dallas. He is bringing many years of experience to his education courses so his students will learn everything they can so they too can be successful.

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